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The coolest news this morning: First Second are publishing Bastien Vivès, Mickaël Sanlaville, and Michael Balak’s Lastman for English language readers. The series is currently on its fourth volume in France, and is inspired by gaming and Japanese comics, specifically shounen manga, following Adrian Velba, a happy 12-year old enrolled in Battle School under Master Jansen, and looking forward to participating in the annual largest martial arts tournament sponsored by the king and queen. However, disaster strikes as a few hours to the close of nominations, his partner pulls out, sick, and Adrian, requiring a partner in order to register finds help offered from an unlikely source. 

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Invisible crossword puzzle, table, and chair

unpaid familiar working for the college credit


woo! i just finished a game grumps animated - for today’s episode! as soon as i saw today’s super mario 3d world ep i knew i had to do this, so i threw away all other obligations and worked for like 9 straight hours to make this! i hope you enjoy it :D


It’s a testament to how much I truly love honey nut cheerios that I continue to buy it and directly financially support and validate the existence of such a wretched mascot. I hate you, small bee man. I do not think you’re hip and cool and just one of the kids. You do not fool me with your hashtags and rap music. You disgust me but I will buy your cereal, so strong is my love for it




Gigantic Announce Trailer

Motiga announced their first game today, and I’m pretty psyched! I’m not really into MOBAs, but I’m going to have to try this one. Mostly because it’s gorgeous, and partly because the twist they’ve put in actually makes it look interesting to me.

Pretty terrible gifs, but eh. EHH. I don’t care. Fun.

Visit Gigantic's website to read more about the game and sign up for the alpha!

These character designs are FANTASTIC!

Ever since the Super Monday Night Combat player base died I’ve been looking forward to another 3rd person action MOBA.

But ignoring gameplay for a second…



ink and gouache


Ed Hodgkinson

I turn my claws into scoopy scoops  Tzimisce vampire helping my group rob a grave (via outofcontextdnd)