users online I know its a hackneyed thing to do but can I just... - Every War Was An Odyssey

I know its a hackneyed thing to do but can I just knock Tom Preston for a minute

as in

get off your high horse its a matter of stylization

no different than your penchant for weeaboo eyes and charlie brown thumbs

and whats the deal with drawing yourself younger and younger is that the only way you can find relatable to your audience anymore

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tagged as: Tom Preston. tom preston tag. you have a receeding hairline buddy its best to embrace it. its just an observation you don't need to take offense :-).

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    I will forever reblog this.
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    rip never 4get Muppet Nose Day.
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    Can I just point out that he says he’s not insulting the style on the description that you provided for us? Why bother...
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    I agree about Preston being shit but I do find the “tumblr nose” to be really annoying and only used because it’s...
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    yeah i agree with the person above me, calm down guys i mean why post the description if youre just gonna react in the...
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    idk I know this is Dobson and all and he’s all known for just being the absolute worst conforming artist when it comes...
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    Wait a sec, he’s back?
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